i don't even know i guess i'm just a fandom blog mixed with text and animal posts with cosplay stuff in between? yeeeeeeee

okay look at this

u have the working of my PM hat in the first picture, and it’s almost done it just needs a little bit more sewing but otherwise BAM it’s done

and then you have my cowl thing or however it’s spelled in the second, which is gonna rest over my shoulders and cover my face and stuff.

in other words the headpiece to PM is almost done. it should be finished tonight and aaaaaaaaah i’ll put a picture of me wearing it then up but her u have the first WIP shots of the actual costume and not just props

we also have to dye it to make it looks just a little bit darker. it’s too light as it is right now but aaaaaaaah yeeeeeeeeee booooooooooi